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Definition of volunteer:

He /She is the person who willingly offers his / her time and talents, or takes a personal initiative, or undertakes a work or an activity, for the benefit and common good of the community.

Characteristics of a volunteer:

-To be good with other people, modest and compliant.

-Cooperative, proactive and capable of preparing for work.

-Had adequate experience and appropriate academic qualifications.

- Capable of giving and intellectually ,mentally and emotionally mature.

-Capable of taking responsibility and taking proper actions in the face of unexpected consequences.

The conditions that should be met by a volunteer

-He / She should have adequate time for his / her volunteer activity.

-He / She should have good health for making the required efforts.

-He / She should have the feeling of social responsibility, sincere desire and enthusiasm for volunteer work for the common good of his / her community without expecting a wage or gain.

-He / She should be interested in the social and national issues of their community.

-Capable of dealing with others coherently and harmoniously.

-Having knowledge, skills, experience and familiarity with the area in which he / she is planning to volunteer.

-njoys good reputation in his / her community.

Objectives & Volunteering:

-Giving the volunteer the feeling of his / her value and positive communal and social role.

- Developing important relationships for the volunteer at the personal and job levels.

-Boosting belonging to the community and close attachment with its expectations  and concern, reflecting a positive image thereof.

-Performing a rewardable religious duty in the service of the community, and a national duty for the advancement of his / her country and return part of its favors.


Our volunteering Mechanism:

-A person can volunteer with Zahra by filling in the relevant volunteering Form attached with the Guidebook and submit it to the Volunteering Section, or do the same via our Website.

-Conducting an interview with the volunteer upon joining the Association to discuss the importance and purpose of volunteering with him / her. This interview will be conducted under the supervision of the Association’s Coordinator and the Volunteering Section.

-Advertising the Association’s volunteering programs via E-mail, SMS and Twitter, and the volunteer will have the freedom of choosing his/her own program.

-The volunteer will be provided with a statement describing the nature of the work her/she is going to perform, a time schedule, the program in which he/she will be involved and his / her duties and obligations.

-The volunteer will ultimately be granted a “Volunteer Certification” for the period he/she spent with the Association and the name of the program/project in which he/she was involved.

-Volunteers will be honored during the annual events of the General Assembly.

A volunteer will lose the volunteering membership, and shall not be entitled to the “Volunteer Certification” in the following cases:

    -upon withdrawing from the Association at volunteer’s request.

    -volunteer’s failure to comply with the Association’s times and attendance, and failure to report daily during his/her volunteering period.

    -failure by volunteer to complete the tasks assigned to him/her.

    -purposefully causing damages to the Association.

    -volunteer’s failure to respect and comply with the policies of the Association.

    -achieving an assessment lower than “Good”.

Volunteering Areas

    -Participation in the organization and coordination of the various projects and programmes of the Association.

    -Contributing with special skills such as photography, design, speech, etc.

    -Participation in the efforts of introducing Zahra during exhibitions and other similar events and gatherings.

    -Educational lectures (for relevant consultants and specialists).

     -Marketing and promoting Zahra products and sales, for the development of the resources of the Association.

     -In-hous duties (office work and assisting various sections).

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